"I first saw Tim when I was trying to conceive and my acupuncturist at the time suggested I might benefit from herbs. I was 38 and I wanted to try anything and everything as I was conscious that time was not on my side.

I immediately liked Tim and found him very easy to talk to - he is an excellent listener and also gives wise advice. I was delighted when I fell pregnant quite soon after taking the herbs although sadly I miscarried at 7 weeks. Eight months later, and lots more herbs and acupuncture (by this time I was seeing Tim for acupuncture as well) I fell pregnant again, this time it was a very uneventful pregnancy and I had a healthy baby at age 40.

I feel that the combination of acupuncture and herbs were a very significant part of my successful pregnancy. In addition, my regular visits to Tim helped me to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of trying to get pregnant.

I highly recommend Tim as an acupuncturist and herbalist."


"I was introduced to Tim by my acupuncturist, who recommended him for the herbs to compliment the treatment I was having with her. I had gone to her as I was experiencing irregular periods, bad skin and trying to conceive with out luck. Both myself and my husband went to Tim and took the herbs (he also had acupuncture with him) and within six months I had clear skin, regular periods and was pregnant. I had seen countless professionals over the years for my skin who had given me antibiotics and steroid creams to name a few. Although most were short term solutions, nothing lasted until I found the much gentler remedy of Chinese herbs which for me worked on the basis of the problem which was my hormones rather than my skin which was a result of my unbalanced hormones. I haven't needed to take the herbs for the last ten months and I still have clear skin and am expecting out second child. Tim also gave me some induction herbs as I was overdue with our first baby and I fully believe that it helped with the very smooth and uncomplicated birth."


"I booked my first appointment with Tim knowing I was absolutely at my wits end. My GP had dismissed my symptoms - really heavy, painful and completely irregular periods - as a factor of my age or never having had a child. The GP's solution was the pill.... a chemical plaster for me wasn't an option. I was exhausted, in pain and no longer able to recognise myself when I looked in the mirror. Every day was a bad hair day. All of my clothes were fat day clothes. I couldn't sleep but I couldn't stay awake past 9pm. I had stopped living and started to just exist.

When I met Tim I was in the middle of a heavy, painful period. Tim was matter of fact and honest (I knew at 44 I could be premenopausal but I also know that for me at 44 a baby wasn't going to be the answer). My treatment was amazing. When I left, for the first time in a long time I felt calm, pain free and I had hope. That day marked a real change.

With each passing treatment and a blend of Chinese Herbs, I am becoming more and more the person I know and the person I want to be again. My periods are no longer causing me to swallow two packets of period pain relief. My hair is better, my skin is better and I'm not always reaching for my baggy clothes. I can stay up and watch a movie and not miss the end. I sleep at night and I wake up feeling good. I have started to run again. And apparently I am no longer vile to live with.

Tim has already changed my life. I really hope that anyone who is suffering with hideous periods give Tim a call. I can't recommend him highly enough or thank him enough.


“I was suffering from hot flushes and night sweats several times a night, brought on by early menopause, which were so bad that they prevented me from sleeping and made parts of my skin unbearably itchy from being damp so often. I did not want to have HRT and Tim was recommended to me as an alternative. After the first treatment my hot flushes and night sweats stopped for three nights and over the course of six weeks (having treatment once a week) they stopped all together. My last treatment was six weeks ago and I haven't experienced hot flushes or night sweats since. I can sleep again and my skin is no longer itchy. I am delighted and would highly recommend Tim.”


“I wanted to lower my blood pressure and saw Tim for a consultation. I have had many acupuncture sessions over the years but Tim’s diagnosis was different — he looked back to the original event of my blood pressure raising and started working with the residue of shock from that event, 18 years previous. This sounds obvious, but it was profound and made a real difference to how I felt in myself. I notice lots of little but significant changes to my health – feeling more in control, fewer palpitations having a ‘smoother’ pulse rate longer, deeper sleep, reduced anxiety better digestion. The pain in my left arm, which woke me often, miraculously disappeared! My blood pressure has stabilised and is coming down – 10 points so far and counting.... and I am delighted.”

Julie G

“I suffer systemic inflammation and started seeing Tim after years of severe breathing problems, several unsuccessful operations and failed attempts to control my condition through conventional western treatment. After two weeks of Chinese Herbal therapy I noticed a significant change, and was able to breathe with ease for the first time in many years. My condition has continued to improve with further consultations and fine-tuned prescriptions, and I am now hopeful that one day, I could be more or less symptom free. The herbs have also addressed other conditions that stem from the same underlying cause, such as eczema and endometriosis, and elevated my general health to a new level. I highly recommend Tim. I have found him to be very skilled, professional, and attentive to my particular needs, both physical and emotional.”


“I have known Tim and Isobel for many years during which they attended my clinic with their patients for clinical supervision. They are superb practitioners who are utterly dedicated to their patients, and are a shining example for our profession.”

Giovanni Maciocia

“Over the past 6 years my visits here in a calm, professional and friendly environment  have helped me enormously - and very importantly assisted in my general health and wellbeing.”


“I first approached Isobel seeking help with feelings of anxiety and stress. Her holistic approach to physical and mental health and its connection with well-being has been more far-reaching and healing for me than I would have expected. By helping me gain an understanding of how the physical and emotional work together, Isobel has helped me bring a real sense of balance back into my life and encouraged me to move forward with confidence. For anyone thinking of exploring what acupuncture is able to offer I can highly recommend Isobel and her holistic approach to health and happiness.”


“I injured my right knee in a Karate competition 25 years ago. 2 years ago the knee became very painful. I undertook a short course of treatment with Tim. After 5 sessions the knee was much better, so much so that I was able to run again. 3 months later and I am much more physically active and my knee continues to function well. To have this problem fixed after 25 years is marvellous.”


“Two years ago I had a problem with 1 of my temperomandibular joints ( jaw). This made eating quite difficult as I could only chew with my front teeth. It was recommended that I try acupuncture. I had 2 sessions with Tim and after that I had no further problems at all. I also know of someone who had a MJ problem which made eating extremely difficult. After a few sessions with Tim he has gone back to normal and has had no problems since."


"A few years ago I became very ill with a condition affecting my auto-immune system which required taking quite large amounts of medication. This brought pronounced side effects which made me feel extremely unwell, I felt very debilitated and also caused me to lose all my confidence. From the moment I started attending for my first treatment session I never looked back, I felt that my life had been put together again, and I was able to carry on in a normal way."


"After several years of chronic lower back pain and greatly restricted flexibility, I began my treatment under Tim Davis. After a few sessions, I began to experience dramatic improvement. Now, 2 years later I am relatively pain free and greatly improved flexibility gives me access to a whole range of activities I hitherto found impossible to undertake (gardening, brisk walking over rough ground etc.).After a brief period of intensive treatment my improvement is maintained with a monthly visit to Tim."


"After 6 failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs, 4 miscarriages and 7 years trying to conceive, we decided to give acupuncture a go as we heard that it could double your IVF chances. Not only did acupuncture help me physically- regulating my periods, warming up the uterus and helping me sleep, but it helped emotionally to open up about our problems and deal with them.

This, in turn helped me relax and be able to talk about the future without getting upset and also to make a plan if IVF failed. Two years later and after our 3rd and final IVF attempt, I am finally very happily 7 months pregnant and believe acupuncture made the difference."


"I broke my arm in a bike accident. After 10 days the plaster was removed and my arm was very painful and stiff with lots of bruising. I was taking the maximum dose of painkillers. After 1 session of acupuncture I noticed an immediate improvement the next day. My arm was less stiff, less painful and all the bruising started to go. I was able to cut down on my painkillers from 8 to 4 to 2 per day fairly quickly.

I continued to have weekly treatments for a while with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs to support the healing process and strengthen the bones."