Trainings in Supervision

In 1998 Isobel initiated a programme which trains acupuncturists in supervisory and group leadership skills. Her intention has been to establish a wider national network of experienced and skilled supervision group facilitators. They will be part of the provision for the new CPD programme which will accompany the profession’s move towards registration and revalidation.

During 4 weekends practitioners examine issues such as confidentiality, aspects of the patient/practitioner relationship, contracts, boundaries, time and money management and the prevention of burnout. They take part in a supervision group and gain experience of facilitating group work. They are then in a position to take these skills out into the profession and extend the network of practitioner support, thus contributing to the maintenance of professional standards.

Supervision training enables participants to gain a broader and deeper experience of themselves as practitioners and to hand that on to others. Supervision enables a growing sense of professional self-esteem, and allows us to reconnect with the excitement and challenge of our practices.

If you are interested in having supervision yourself, or in joining a training group, please contact Isobel at


“I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the supervision group, and your expert facilitation. It has opened my eyes to so many new perspectives. I have learned so much from your thoughtful and incisive interventions and questions. I have thoroughly enjoyed the work, and you are a great role model for me.”