Supervision for Acupuncturists

Isobel Cosgrove has been pioneering professional development for health practitioners, and more specifically supervision for acupuncturists since 1989.

She has run supervision groups in London, Bristol, Warwickshire and Wales for 20 years, and has offered 1:1 mentoring to those who prefer to work individually.

Practitioners can decide, in the context of their own working lives, which kind of support they prefer. A new practitioner may need a quiet 1:1 session every month or so to help with practice development. Later, having a support network becomes important. Joining a small group of practitioners working on practice and clinical issues can then be more useful and satisfying. We all learn from each other’s perspectives and insights.

If you are interested in having supervision yourself, or in joining a training group, please contact Isobel at


“In my mentoring sessions I learnt about things that are relevant to maintaining a healthy practice, ie good boundaries, avoiding burnout, dealing with patient transference, maintaining self esteem, how to communicate more effectively and to make my practice visible in the marketplace.”