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Building Immunity

Isobel Cosgrove - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I was called by my GP's surgery this winter to invite me to have a flu jab. I have never wanted to have one and I said I would think it over. Others I know find the flu jab helps them get through the winter.

Chris Smyth, health correspondent for The Times, reported on January 3rd 2014 that of the 123 trials carried out by Roche on Tamiflu, only 15 had been seen by regulators (paywall link here). Richard Bacon MP, member of the public accounts committee said "The full results of clinical trials are being routinely and legally withheld from doctors and researchers by the manufacturers of medicines."

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture helps prevent us catching viruses and infections by supporting and building our immune function. If we have sun and some time off in spring and summer then we can go into autumn and winter in good shape. If we are in need of support to face the cold, damp months, then having some treatments and/or some herbs will help us weather the rigours of a damp, cold British winter.

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