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Isobel Cosgrove - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In this blog I want to ask you to engage with an exciting question: how can you invite and encourage your body towards a healthier self regulation. Some examples of this would be....... 

  • Establishing a more stable blood pressure 
  • Finding a better sleep pattern 
  • Reducing inflammation in lungs, digestion,joints and on skin 
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels 
  • Maintaining a stable energy level through the working day 

Over the last 60 years or more, drugs have been developed which do some important regulation for us. ( Anti inflammatories, statins, insulin, anti biotics,steroids) . These can be life saving in a crisis.

Long term use, however, brings side effects and dependency. After a crisis subsides, and with consultation with those who prescribed the drugs, when appropriate we can start to gradually replace dependency on the drugs. How can you explore and get support for better self regulation? 

Changes in diet and exercise,finding a different pacing to work/life, and reducing stress will all help. 

During my 32 years as an acupuncturist, I have watched many clients make steady progress towards a much more healthy self regulation of immune function, circulation, respiration, digestion, blood pressure and hormonal activity. Treatments help to maintain this progress. Sometimes adding Chinese herbs is important. Treatment is definately about teamwork; the practitioner and the patient working together. After a crisis has passed clients want to establish an
improved quality of life in general, and health in particular.

Working towards improved self regulation is a personal choice. As a practitioner I can support a client to reach this goal, Over time we can work to prevent further crises, and to maintain good health practices. I witness a profound sense of well being in clients when they experience their bodies doing the best possible job.

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